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Tony Bailey- The Big Rock Numbers Guy - Also a heck of a nice guy, father of girls, and professional musician.

“Oyster Jim” Ferry - “Oyster Jim” Ferry - Oyster Redeployment Specialist - First and oldest Big Rock “permanent” employee, has five grandchildren.  He made a pretty big career change from management consulting to become an oyster farmer. Tries to keep up with the young guys, but…  “Did I ever tell you about...”

Chris Gomes - Summer guy who also helps out when home in winter and a college student who plays lacrosse.

Steve - "Iron Man" Lublin - Get up and drive to Boston at 3:00 am, then work the beach, then meet a boat at 8:00 pm? Sure!

Aaron Brochu - Our fearless leader and a hard working guy, Aaron takes responsibility for everything that happens at Big Rock Oyster Company. Previously to operating Big Rock Oyster Company, Aaron ran restaurants, lived on a fishing boat, and coordinated weddings. 

Aaron is married with two children and is an expert poker player. It could be said that he invented the Dennis Oyster. The first and most perfected process the flats have ever seen.

Graham Ferrari - As operations manager, Graham is the glue that keeps the farm running as Big Rock continues to grow and expand. Much like the rest of Big Rock, the farm is held to a high standard and staying at the cutting edge of aquaculture. He has done it all and continues the expertise approach he learned from his years with Aaron on the flats. Graham is happily married and has a dog who loves boating and country music as much as he does. 

“Everybody Loves” Jaime Cronin - Jaime has taken the reigns in the wholesale world at Big Rock but as an all-around athlete her skills are both on the farm and off. She never stops moving and working.  “Don’t put this on Facebook.”

Wyatt Peavey- Young buck that will literally do whatever is necessary to get the job done. Well-read and always learning, Wyatt brings a fresh approach to the farm.

Scott Thompson - The resident concrete and raw bar expert. This former golf pro and concrete floor finisher brings a hard working approach to all aspects of the business. He loves the mornings on the flats.

Big Rock Oyster Company was founded in 2002 by Aaron Brochu on a grant from the town of Dennis, MA on Cape Cod. 

The company sells wholesale oysters and grows Big Rock oysters in aquatrays on the tidal flats located around the center of Cape Cod at Crow's Pasture in Dennis, MA.  

Oysters from this area are crisp with a salty taste and delicate texture. Big Rock Oysters are available wholesale and to restaurants.

For shipping, delivery, or pick-up call 774-408-7951


501 Depot Street, Harwich, MA, United States